Centurion Awards and recognition certificates will be distributed to contingent leaders during orientation at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference. These items will be provided at no cost and lodges will receive them regardless of their Centurions’ attendance at NOAC. Contingent leaders will receive all of their local lodge’s Centurions, including those on NOAC staff. If the option of ordering the certificate and recognition ribbon for distribution to the family or a volunteer who might represent the deceased Centurion was exercised, lodges will also receive these recognition items at NOAC. In order to receive recognition materials for posthumous Centurions, the lodge must have requested them through the online Centurion portal.

Several lodges are planning for a formal presentation of their Centurions during NOAC. Please consider a meaningful and thoughtful presentation of this once-in-a-lifetime honor for each of your lodge’s Centurions. Lodges are encouraged to recognize all of their Centurions at appropriate lodge or council functions. Such examples include the lodge’s annual holiday banquet or council awards dinner. Please see the Centurion Award FAQ page for a listing of common inquiries. Any other questions on the Centurion Award can be directed to oa100@oa-bsa.org.