From page 16 of the contingent leader guide:


Shipping, receiving, and warehousing will be managed through Michigan State University Services Logistics. Using MSU Logistics will allow your contingent and NOAC Administrative Services to track your shipments from the time materials arrive at MSU Logistics until the time they are delivered. Using the same tracking number provided to you by your shipping center. You can track your shipment using the University Services U-Track: (You will only be able to track your shipment through U-Track after it arrives at MSU Logistics and is entered into the tracking system.)

Please ship all of your NOAC goods to the address listed below so that Administrative Services can help you get your items in an efficient (and track-able) manner:

MSU Logistics
Boy Scouts – NOAC – (Insert Council Name Here)
Attention: (Lodge Contingent Leader’s Name)
166 Service Road
East Lansing, Michigan 48824

SHIP TO ARRIVE AFTER JULY 1, 2015 (Deliveries prior to July 1, 2015 will not be accepted.)

Once you arrive on campus, check with the conference Administrative Services office, in the Kellogg Center, for instructions on picking up your shipment.