The Centennial Gala is the premier banquet at NOAC 2015 and is by invitation only. When program registration opens on April 1st, lodge contingent leaders will be encouraged to sign up two Arrowmen (one youth and one adult) from their lodge to participate. These Arrowmen should be chosen (in consultation with the Lodge Key 3) as “change agents” who are expected to shape the future of the lodge & the Order (think: your next lodge chief and next lodge adviser who will have a significant impact). We strongly encourage lodges to cover the cost of their two selected guests. This special event will take place at the Lansing Convention Center, which is located off-campus.

This event is geared toward Arrowmen who are considered "change agents" for the future of the Order, even though they may not necessarily hold a formal title or office at the time of the conference. Originally, we had asked contingent leaders to sign up said "change agents" so that we could equitably maintain the right audience, control attendance at the event (this way, one lodge couldn't take up several tables thereby boxing out a smaller lodge), and ensure an appropriate youth / adult balance. Having left this option open only to contingent leaders for about six weeks, we decided to open the event up to all guests and staff (youth and adult) on or around July 15 since there were some remaining seats.

Members of your contingent can register for this event through the registration system:

  • Log in to the registration system:;
  • Select your name under, "My attendees for this event;"
  • Select "Schedule" under the left menu bar;
  • Click "Add Activity;"
  • Under "Program Area," select "Centennial Celebrations," then "Centennial Gala" under "Activity;"
  • You'll then see only one activity, the "Centennial Gala;"
  • Click the radio dial on the left side until it fills, then click "Save Selection"
  • The cost of the Gala ($60) will then be reflected in the guest's outstanding balance through the registration system
We encourage lodges / councils to pay for these "change agents," so if you'd like to cover the cost for some or all of your contingent members wishing to attend, simply indicate to them that they need not pay the $60 portion of their outstanding balance, which will become payable by the lodge at registration / orientation. Otherwise, guests can pay the balance on their own before NOAC (through the registration system).

Bus transportation will be provided from Cherry Lane Park at 4pm and guests will be transported to Breslin Arena directly after the Centennial Gala. Paid parking is available at Lansing Convention Center for guests opting to drive. Tickets will be required to board the bus and to enter the event. A reception will be held at 4.30 PM and dinner will follow at 5.00 PM.

We look forward to hosting you for this once-in-a-lifetime event, and we encourage you to have your contingent members sign up as soon as possible, since there are only a limited number of seats.