The residence halls at Michigan State University have several different configurations.

Here's generally what to expect:

Guest Rooms:
Many guest rooms at MSU are double occupancy, however there are also triple and quad rooms as well.


•Suite-style: Many guest room have "suite-style" bathrooms, meaning that two rooms next to each other are connected by a bathroom that both rooms use.

•Community-style: there is a large common restroom with several showers, toilets, sinks, etc. and you have to walk from your guest room to the community bathroom.
-- In the case of community bathrooms, NOAC Housing will label each community bathroom as either under 18 male, over 18 male, or over 18 female. These designations are permanent for the conference which means you may have to walk do to the community bathroom at the other end of your floor or up or down a floor to get to the appropriate bathroom. This is a Youth Protection requirement.
Dining: Each guest will be assigned a dining hall to use through out the conference. Each dining hall's configuration is different but will over different options for our guests. New for NOAC 2015 guests may also use their dining privileges at Sparty's locations around campus instead of going to your assigned dining hall. You can visit MSU's Eat at State websitefor more information on the dining halls and Sparty's. NOTE: The menus displayed on the Eat at State website are not necessarily the menu that will be served at NOAC, the site is meant purely to give you general information.

Air Conditioning: There are NO guests rooms at MSU that are air conditioned. Please come prepared with a fan or purchase one through the NOAC trading post and pick it up when you arrive at MSU. Portable/window style air conditioners are strictly prohibited by MSU and use of such equipment would constitute a NOAC Code of Conduct violation.

You can also check out MSU's LiveOn website for more details about each residence hall. Contingent Leaders will be notified approximately 7 days prior to arrival day as to which hall the contingent has been assigned to.